Who are we?
Techno Alliance CO.,LTD. is one IT solutions and services provider in China. The company is committed to effectively utilize the appropriate IT human resources around the world to provide IT solutions and services for customers.

Established in 2010, Techno Alliance Co. Ltd is built on the values of integrity, customer focus, innovation, creativity and respect. We approach every engagement with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Our experience has taught us that outsourcing major parts of a business is one of the biggest decision an organization can make. For that reason, we believe that simply working for our clients is not sufficient. Instead, we believe in a true partnership model, working alongside our clients,to truly understand their needs and to ensure that their goals are achieved.

Over the years, Techno Alliance has grown from a modest business service provider to one of China's most innovative outsourcing specialists. Our in-house experts are not just Techno Alliance employees, but also business partners of our clients. Each team comprises of highly-motivated and energetic individuals who are passionate about our clients’ business.

As the company’s international footprint grows, we are committed to providing superior customer service, fair pricing, and excellent service to our domestic and international clients which range from SME to multinational corporations. Our goal is to provide creative, intelligent and cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’needs. We believe in continuously upgrading our skills, and challenging the norm. The result is a real partnership that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations.


Offshore commissioned development

Provides system development services for offshore customers (mainly for Japan). Provides commissioned development from system designing, manufacturing to testing to meet customer needs. Sends technicians to customer site if necessary, for better communication and support, ensuring the project runs smoothly.

Independent development

Introduced Traffic Flow Analysis System, Plate License Recognition System, Face Recognition System, People Counting System and so on, which are based on image processing technique. Existing products can be customized and modified according to customer’s requirement, providing seamless interaction with other products.

Domestically oriented development

Develops various business software for domestic clients.

Commissioned system testing

With plenty of system testing experience accumulated during years of software development, we can undertake various software testing tasks, including making the test specification.

Development consulting service

Provides professional project management and technology consulting service when the project does not go well or senior BSE is required.


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